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Kennco Weed Wiper for Farm Tractors

Farm Weed Wipers Save Crops and Reduce Farming Costs

The Kennco Weed Wiper helps row crop farmers easily apply herbicide to those unwanted weeds between crops. The Weed Wiper allows farmers to apply herbicide weed control whenever they want - even on windy days, because the application is wiped instead of sprayed.

Spraying weeds the traditional way introduces the potential for damaged crops and possibly even health risks in farmers due to herbicide spray drift. Not only is a tractor weed wiper more convenient for farmers, but they also save money on herbicide product due to the direct application. Farm weed wipers have less waste and are more convenient to use.

The Kennco Weed Wiper works in windy conditions, saves money on herbicide because you are only applying where it's needed. We offer a variety of setup options so that the equipment can be used over stakes, in between rows, used for weeding the entire field or just spot treatment in specific areas. A 200 gallon herbicide tank is included standard. Two different wiper fabric shapes are available: 1) The flat square shape if you want to kill weeds all over a field. 2) The shape with the angled corners are used to avoid brushing up against bushes.

Other than the Weed Wiper, Kennco makes other specialty farm equipment you can learn about here.

Weed Wiper Advantages:

  • Better Weed Control
  • Less Wasted Herbicide
  • Easy Application
  • No Spray Drift
  • More Precise
  • Works in Windy Conditions
  • Entire field or Specific Areas
  • Various Wiper Fabric Shapes Available
  • Use Over Stakes & Between Rows
  • Less Crop Loss

Weed Wiper For Sale

Looking at getting a Farm Weed Wiper? We don't have standard prices because we build Weed Wipers to your specifications. But after answering a few simple questions below we will be able to give you a quote.

The turnaround time for to get your weed wiper is typically within three (3) weeks from when your order is received.

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