Fiberglass Stake Puller

Stake Puller for Tomatoes and more

Kennco Manufacturing's NEW FIBERGLASS stake puller is designed specifically to reduce wear on your fiberglass stakes and increase the overall life of the stake.

Our new Stake Puller head uses a custom designed roller and belt system to pull up the smaller round stakes and transport them to the bin for easy bundling and transport. This system was also designed to reduce wear to the coating of the fiberglass stakes thus increasing their life, and your investment even further.

The duel belt system is timed to match the tractor speed as the initial belt grabs the stake and pulls it vertically from the soil without breaking it. Once it is pulled from the soil, it is transported by another belt and roller system and dropped into a bin for bundling. After it is bundled, the hopper can deposit the bundle at the side of the field.

Stakes are a huge investment and as you move to fiberglass from wooden stakes Kennco has your solution. The new Fiberglass Stake Puller head WILL attach to existing Wooden Stake puller machines so you can reduce equipment cost by reusing existing Kennco equipment.

Features & Advantages:

  • Preserve and Reuse Fiberglass Stakes
  • Custom Designed Roller and Belt System
  • Easy Bundling and Transport
  • Designed to Reduce Wear on Stakes
  • Designed to Match Tractor Speed
  • Puller Head Attaches to our Wooden Stake Puller

Stake Puller Pricing & Availability

The fiberglass stake puller is now available!

To learn more about our fiberglass stake puller, get pricing, or to place an order, please call Kennco Manufacturing at 800-645-2591 or complete the form below.

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Kennco Manufacturing fiberglass tomato stake puller in action

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