Kennco Farming Equipment and Tractor Attachments

Farm Equipment For Sale

Kennco Manufacturing offers a wide range of farm equipment for sale that help growers save money on labor costs and enable them to yield a bigger and more consistent crop compared to traditional farming equipment and techniques. We build most of our farm equipment to your specifications. If you can't find the farm equipment you're looking for, contact us to discuss having Kennco build custom farm equipment for your specific need.

Ground Prep

Ground PrepOur Ground Prep product line includes Grader Levelers, Level Boards, Ditch Plows, Ditch Closers, Box Blade Scrapers, Tool Carriers, Cross Ditchers, and Tarp Layers for Fumigation.

Bed Shapers

Bed ShapersOur Bed Shapers product line includes the SuperBedder, Press Pans and Liners, the PowerBedder, and UHMW liners.

Fertilizer Applicators

Fertilizer ApplicatorsOur Fertilizer Applicators product line includes Fertilizer Distributors and Applicators and the Liquid Fertilizer Injection Wheel.

Plastic Mulch Layer

Plastic Mulch LayerOur Plastic Mulch Layer product line includes the High Speed Plastic Mulch Layer (HSPM) and the Pan Type Plastic Mulch Layer.

Bedder and Mulch Layers – Combo Units

Bedder and Mulch Layers – Combo UnitsOur Bedder and Mulch Layers – Combo Units product line includes the Micro-Combo Plastic Layer, the Mini Combo Superbedder and Plastic Layer, and the Combi-Superbedder.


TransplantersOur Transplanters product line includes Single and Multiple Bed Transplanters, Wheels and Wheel Frames, and Hole Punchers.

Spray Machines

Spray MachinesOur Spray Machines are one of the most important implements used in vegetable production.

Cleanup Tools

Cleanup ToolsPlastic Mulch Lifter, Bed Mower, 1 Row Plastic Mulch Retriever, Drip Tape Retriever, Plastic Burner, Plastic Mulch Incinerator, Stake Puller, Field Harvesting Conveyor, Stake Cart and Stake Driver Cart


BIGFOOT BalersComplies with all highway safety standards and regulations. Choose from of our 3 models: BF400, BF300, and BF200.

Round Cotton Module Lifters

Round Cotton Module LiftersAttaches with a category 3 or 4 narrow 3-point hitch, Lifter can pick up and place round cotton modules weighing up to 5000 lbs, Forks open and close to grip and lift the cotton module ...