Tomato Farming Equipment


Tomato Farm Equipment - Sprayers, Plastic Mulch Layers, Drip Layers

In 1973 Kennco was founded and grew by working with our local Tomato Growers. We are proud of the relationship we’ve built with them over the years and continue to grow. During this time we’ve worked closely with our customers to design and improve our equipment with the purpose of saving them money. We have the most complete line of equipment for plasticulture farming that is made with the specific purpose of reducing labor and fuel costs, and increasing efficiency and profit.

Some of our specialty equipment includes:



Kennco’s “bed shapers” produce a tight, even bed (or beds) on every pass, are multi-functional, and have few wearable parts. We have many still in operation that were built 20 years ago… which is why our customers call it the Superbedder.


Stake Puller

Kennco Manufacturing’s fiberglass stake puller is designed specifically to reduce wear on your fiberglass stakes and increase the overall life of the stake.


Spray Machines

Kennco Manufacturing makes the most rugged, durable, reliable, and versatile sprayer available. We build each sprayer to your specifications and for your specific application.


Drip tape layer with Auto Brake

Kennco’s new Drip Tape Layer features an automatic braking system that maintains constant tape tension and prevents overspooling and tangles.


Plastic Mulch Retriever

Kennco’s plastic mulch retriever will allow you to lift, pick-up and dump all your plastic with only two people, all with one machine, in one pass.

We farm in the Southern Cape in South Africa. We are using a single row Kennco machine and plastic layer. We are doing strawberries on 60ha. Machines were imported three years ago and we recently imported another bedformer and plastic layer. It has changed our business in a great positive way.
Renier B., Professional Horticulture Consulting
The Kennco Plastic Mulch retriever cut my cost in half. It paid for itself after the first 200 acres, and will only increase my profit every acre, every year after that.
Jimmy Grainger, Grainger Farms
I've been a customer of theirs for at least 30 years. They always accommodate me when I have a need and another thing I like is their ability to change with the times and change with technology. I've had a great relationship with them and expect to in the future.
Alabama Tomato Farmer
Virginia C.