Melon and Pepper Farming Equipment

Melon Growers and Pepper Growers

Farm Equipment for Growing Melons and Peppers

We have many melon and pepper growers that use our equipment all over the world. Since our equipment is built to specification most of our products have numerous configurations for a variety of field and planting conditions. Our customers chose Kennco, and stay with Kennco, because our equipment gets the job done, and is built to last. It is also designed and built by people who know farming so we are constantly improving our equipment.

Growing peppers and melons on a large scale requires farming equipment that help get the job done more efficiently. Whether you need a raised bed shaper, plastic mulch layer or clean up tools, we have tractor attachments to help you save on labor costs.

Our farming tools have been used by melon growers and pepper growers for many years. We have attachments for farms of all sizes - small family farms and large scale industrial farming.

Kennco builds its farming equipment to your custom specifications. That's just one of the many benefits of buying new farming equipment from Kennco instead of used farming equipment. Our equipment is built to last for many years - an investment that will pay for itself time and again and again and for years to to come.

Contact Kennco Manufacturing Inc to get a quote for the equipment you need to grow melons and peppers on your farm.