CBD Hemp Farming Equipment

Raised Bed Hemp Farm

Do you have a Hemp Farm?

Growing and farming Hemp for profit has become very popular in the U.S. For years, farmers have grown Hemp to harvest the actual biomass and fiber of the plant for many uses such as textile. More recently, there has been a big shift of farmers who are growing Hemp or for the Cannabidoil (CBD) which is the oil produced by the Hemp flower. Because of recent changes in regulations, CBD is becoming more widely used in the United States from common household use to treating medical symptoms such as epilepsy in children.

Industrial Hemp Farming

Farmers that grow Hemp for the biomass are broadcasting seed all over their fields with no uniform rows in order to yield as much volume of Hemp biomass as possible. This works for those that aren’t concerned about the quality of the Hemp flower. However, farmers that grow Hemp to harvest the Hemp flower for CBD have found that planting Hemp in rows of raised beds in a field is better for yielding a higher quality crop with more potent Hemp flowers.

The process of growing Hemp is mostly the same as farming other raised bed crops. Farmers that are already familiar with plasticulture farming with drip irrigation and are equipped with raised bed shapers, plastic mulch layers, transplanters and other industrial farm tractor attachments have been giving up on their traditional farming crops such as tomatoes, because the hemp farming profit per acre is much greater in today’s international market for produce. In fact, after CBD farmers harvest the Hemp flowers, they have all of the stalk and fiber of the plant left over which many farmers harvest and sell.

How to Start a Hemp Farm

The first thing farmers need to do when starting a Hemp farm is find out the laws and regulations within their state. The last thing any farmer wants to do is invest time and resources into the next big thing only to get shut down due to red tape or not following the proper protocols.

Once you've determined the legalities and you’ve got the approval to start a Hemp farm, then you need to decide which Hemp farming equipment you plan on using to prep the ground, plant the hemp, harvest the hemp and process or extract the CBD. Some companies manufacture Hemp harvesting equipment and Hemp processing equipment to make it easier to extract the CBD oil. What a lot of Hemp growers don’t know is that preparing the ground and planting Hemp to yield a potent CBD Hemp flower is to use Kennco’s Hemp farming equipment to prepare the dirt, shape the raised beds, inlay the drip irrigation, cover the beds with plastic mulch, and transplant the hemp with a transplanter. All of this equipment creates a controlled outdoor environment that gives Hemp farmers the power over water, fertilizer and temperature of the Hemp plant while reducing the presence of weeds, soil erosion and soil borne diseases.

Hemp Farming Equipment and Tractor Attachments

If you are interested in starting a Hemp farm, want to learn more about our Hemp farming equipment, or you need custom farming equipment to help you with your Hemp farm, please feel free to contact us! We want to help farmers save money and increase their yields.