Specialty Farm Equipment for Growers


Tomato Growers

Tomato Farming EquipmentTake your tomato farm to the next level with our amazing raised bed former, the SuperBedder. Other popular equipment for tomato growers includes: Stake Puller, Sprayers, Drip tape layer with Auto Brake, Plastic Mulch Retriever and Frost-off.

Strawberry Growers

Strawberry Farming EquipmentSome of our specialty equipment for tomato farmers includes: 2 Row Plastic Mulch Retriever, High Speed Plastic Mulch Layer, Drip Tape Layer with Auto Brake and Bed Mowers.

Organic Growers

Organic Farming EquipmentKennco has a very deep product line of standard equipment, but we are also known for our custom equipment. Our company slogan is ‘Yeah, we can build that’ and we mean it.

Melon/Pepper Growers

Melon/Pepper Farming EquipmentWe have many melon and pepper growers that use our equipment all over the world. Since our equipment is built to specification most of our products have numerous configurations for a variety of field and planting conditions.