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Boom Sprayer


The Kennco Boom Sprayer is one of the most important three-point tractor implements used in vegetable production. Crop sprayers enable growers to easily apply fertilizers and pesticides to maintain a healthy crop. If you’re a grower looking for a pull-behind sprayer with boom to spray your crops, Kennco Manufacturing makes the most rugged, durable, reliable, and versatile sprayer available. We build each sprayer to your specifications and for your specific application.

  • Specially built for customer’s specific needs
  • Heavy duty, oversized frames for durability and longevity
  • Hot-dipped galvanized frame to protect from chemical corrosion
  • Fiberglass tanks instead of inferior poly tanks.
  • Mechanical agititation, so you don’t take flow away from your pump
  • Standard plumbing is galvanized or stainless steel
  • High-pressure hoses
  • Quick-coupled snorkel fill line for refilling the tank
  • Various control methods: manual, electronic, or electric
  • High quality pump options
  • Catwalk for easy access
  • Variety of customized boom and gantry options
  • Flotation tires standard on towed chassis
  • 9,000lb jack
  • PTO driven standard, but hydraulic drive optional
  • Dual wheel walking beam
  • Pre-mix tank
  • Tank sizes: 200-2000 gallons
  • Electric valves
  • Center spray
  • Single and double spray drops in different sizes
  • Nozzles and spray tip options
  • Boom options: lift up, suspended, hydraulic, or manual
  • Boom length
  • Gantry options
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Pump GPM
  • Electric Spray control system
  • Self propelled
  • Rate controls
  • Tires

When ordering a sprayer, it is very important to tell our sales department the exact boom and gantry configurations you require.

Standard Tank Sizes Available

  • 200 gal
  • 600 gal
  • 1000 gal
  • 1200 gal
  • 1500 gal
  • 2000 gal

Sprayer for Orchards and Vineyards

Check out the new Low Volume Air Blast Sprayer manufactured by Kennco. The sprayer features adjustable pneumatic spray nozzles. This sprayer can apply at speeds up to 4 mph and still achieve full efficacy. Ideal for growers with orchards or vineyards.

  • Patented Air Sheer Nozzles
  • Application speeds up to 4 mph
  • Adjustable precision droplet size
  • Pneumatically pressurized
We farm in the Southern Cape in South Africa. We are using a single row Kennco machine and plastic layer. We are doing strawberries on 60ha. Machines were imported three years ago and we recently imported another bedformer and plastic layer. It has changed our business in a great positive way.
Renier B., Professional Horticulture Consulting
The Kennco Plastic Mulch retriever cut my cost in half. It paid for itself after the first 200 acres, and will only increase my profit every acre, every year after that.
Jimmy Grainger, Grainger Farms
I've been a customer of theirs for at least 30 years. They always accommodate me when I have a need and another thing I like is their ability to change with the times and change with technology. I've had a great relationship with them and expect to in the future.
Alabama Tomato Farmer
Virginia C.