Specialty Farm Equipment


Specialty Equipment for Farming

Kennco Manufacturing’s Specialty Farm Equipment is engineered to provide solutions to tedious tasks that help commercial growers be more efficient.

Vegetation Burner


Kennco’s Vegetation Burner can be used to as an alternative to herbicide sprayers or weed wipes to remove weeds from drive rows, row centers, or over beds after picking. By using your tractor mounted propane tank, this machine will instantly burn-off unwanted vegetation or plastic mulch.  Perfect for the organic environment!

  • Kills weeds without the use of chemicals
  • Can be configured for 4’-6’ widths
  • Cat II, three-point hitch mount
  • Replaceable burners
  • Adjustable angled burners
  • Can be used over tops of beds to burn plastic mulch

Weed Wiper

Kennco’s Weed Wipe herbicide applicator will allow you to apply herbicide whenever you want, because of its precision. You can apply the herbicide directly to the area you want without drift or waste.

  • Customizable Wipe lengths and spacing
  • Kills the weeds without damaging your crop
  • No drift worries, so it works in windy conditions
  • Cloth size and style options
  • Heavy duty steel frame

Decontamination Station


Our newly redesigned Decontamination/Wash Station is designed to help you keep workers safe and comfortable in the field.

  • 200 gallon fresh water tank
  • Correct amount of flow at wash stations
  • Stainless steel sink with three faucets
  • Self contained eye wash station
  • Soap dispenser
  • Plastic storage container for supplies
  • First aid box
  • Garbage can holder
  • Full body emergency wash station
  • Platform for port-a-potty
  • Used water collection tank
  • Towable to move from field to field

Customization options are available. Chassis is not for highway transportation. Consumables not included.

Nurse Trucks


Kennco Manufacturing has built a variety of Nurse Tanks and Water Wagons for our customers to bring water to a needed place in their field.

  • We use fiberglass tanks that have the strength necessary for a larger tank
  • Can build them on an existing truck chassis, or on our standard chassis.
We farm in the Southern Cape in South Africa. We are using a single row Kennco machine and plastic layer. We are doing strawberries on 60ha. Machines were imported three years ago and we recently imported another bedformer and plastic layer. It has changed our business in a great positive way.
Renier B., Professional Horticulture Consulting
The Kennco Plastic Mulch retriever cut my cost in half. It paid for itself after the first 200 acres, and will only increase my profit every acre, every year after that.
Jimmy Grainger, Grainger Farms
I've been a customer of theirs for at least 30 years. They always accommodate me when I have a need and another thing I like is their ability to change with the times and change with technology. I've had a great relationship with them and expect to in the future.
Alabama Tomato Farmer
Virginia C.