Raised Bed Plastic Mulch Layer


Raised Bed Plastic Mulch Layer for Strawberry Farming

Kennco specially designed a raised bed plastic mulch layer machine for farming strawberries more efficiently.

Kennco’s Plastic Mulch Layer sports a heavy duty welded frame that keeps components from sliding, unlike other brands that use bolts which can loosen and move. Several engineering features are built-in to ensure a tight-fitting mulch cover including our “autobrake” feature that slows the rollers as the plastic is stretched over the bed. Stainless steel tubes and wear guards, galvanized side plates along with UHMW lined pans and funnels, keep the equipment performing at peak levels. Choose from single- and multi-row configurations that will help make your strawberry fields reliable, durable and cost effective.

Strawberry Plastic Mulch Layer in Action

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Product Features & Benefits


Single or Multi-Row

Choose from single- and multi-row configurations, based on the capability of your tractor and the size of your strawberry farm.


Galvanized Rollers

Galvanized roller tube prevents rust so the plastic rolls smoothly.

Product Photos

  • 48″ row center
  • Category II hitch
  • Holds four rolls of plastic
  • Hydraulic plastic tension
  • Closing discs to hold plastic tight on bed
  • Stretching wheels to pull plastic down on bed and press into cup
  • Pans lined with replaceable 3/8” UHMW
  • Sturdy, adjustable, plastic boat seats for rider safety and comfort
  • Dual-drip carriers with Kennco’s “autobrake” feature prevents spooling of tape when tractor stops, and maintains tension on tape when tractor is moving
  • Quick rotation drip carrier eases loading of second drip spool in field
  • Dual-drip with galvanized side plates
  • Stainless steel, flat ground tubes with stainless wear guards keep tubes lasting longer and prevent slicing of tape
  • Galvanized roller tube prevents rust so the plastic rolls smoothly
  • Long lasting UHMW funnels
  • Includes four Kennco weights on built-in weight rack
  • Includes tool box on platform to hold knives, tools, etc.
  • Kennco’s durable frame and fabrication with warranty and support
  • Replaceable parts stocked to match Dervin Smith machines
  • Replacement items always in stock from Kennco’s Parts Department
  • Single or dual drip layer attachment

Available year round with 3-4 week delivery time.

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    We farm in the Southern Cape in South Africa. We are using a single row Kennco machine and plastic layer. We are doing strawberries on 60ha. Machines were imported three years ago and we recently imported another bedformer and plastic layer. It has changed our business in a great positive way.
    Renier B., Professional Horticulture Consulting
    The Kennco Plastic Mulch retriever cut my cost in half. It paid for itself after the first 200 acres, and will only increase my profit every acre, every year after that.
    Jimmy Grainger, Grainger Farms
    I've been a customer of theirs for at least 30 years. They always accommodate me when I have a need and another thing I like is their ability to change with the times and change with technology. I've had a great relationship with them and expect to in the future.
    Alabama Tomato Farmer
    Virginia C.