Kennco BIGFOOT Balers

The Kennco BigFoot Baler is used to save you money and produce a bale of plastic mulch that can easily be sold to recyclers. We have three different machines for different applications. All will produce up to a 2000 lb. bale of plastic.

BIGFOOT Balers - BF400

  • Designed for greenhouse film
  • Nip rollers feed plastic into the bale chamber
  • 20 HP, 4-Stroke Honda engine
  • Electric start
  • 20 GPM @ 2500 PSI hydraulic pump
  • 50 gallon hydraulic tank
  • Simple controls
  • 40”x40”x40” finished bale size
  • 1,000 lb. finished bales
  • 12 gauge tie-off wires
  • Complies with all highway safety standards and regulations

BIGFOOT Balers - BF200

  • Three point hitch
  • 40”x40”x40” finished bale size
  • 1,000 lb. finished bales
  • 12 gauge tie off wires
  • Quick tie & eject
  • Drip-tape
  • Greenhouse covers
  • Vegetable mulch
  • Nursery pots
  • Silage covers
  • Powered by tractor’s hydraulics
We farm in the Southern Cape in South Africa. We are using a single row Kennco machine and plastic layer. We are doing strawberries on 60ha. Machines were imported three years ago and we recently imported another bedformer and plastic layer. It has changed our business in a great positive way.
Renier B., Professional Horticulture Consulting
The Kennco Plastic Mulch retriever cut my cost in half. It paid for itself after the first 200 acres, and will only increase my profit every acre, every year after that.
Jimmy Grainger, Grainger Farms
I've been a customer of theirs for at least 30 years. They always accommodate me when I have a need and another thing I like is their ability to change with the times and change with technology. I've had a great relationship with them and expect to in the future.
Alabama Tomato Farmer
Virginia C.