Farm Equipment Financing

Equipment financing will help you get the farm equipment you need to be more profitable.

Farm Credit Express

Financing your farm equipment is now available through Farm Credit Express. Your Kennco Manufacturing Sales representative and walk you through the application process for quick approval. Call 800-645-2591 to speak with someone today about your equipment needs, obtain pricing, and discuss your financing options.

  • Minimum loan transaction is $2,500.
  • Proof of insurance is required on all Compact Tractor plus Attachments and Trailer Packages & on all loan transactions of $50,000 and greater.
  • Document preparation fee = $150.
  • Multiple unit purchase will be priced based on the age of the oldest unit in the package OR submit each unit separately and pricing will follow age of unit and transaction amount of each unit.
  • Interest rates are fixed with no prepayment penalty and guaranteed for 30 days from the approval date. The approval is available for 90 days.
  • 60- and 90-day rate lock periods are available by adding the adjustment factor shown above to the published rate for the desired term.
  • Extended closings are available for equipment orders exceeding 90 days. Deals must close within 12 months.
  • AutoDraft is available for all loans and repayment schedules.
  • Financing equipment for commercial logging operations is ineligible under this program.
  • Other program exclusions: Titled Equipment – with the exception of compact tractor plus attachments and trailer packages.