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Combination Units

Combo Units

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Micro-Combo Plastic Layer

Micro-Combo Plastic Layer Kennco’s Micro-combo plastic layer will allow you to shape a raised bed and cover it with plastic in a single pass.

Kennco Advantages:

  • Can do many operations in one pass, saving time and labor.
  • Ideal for smaller tractor, smaller acreage.
  • Lighter weight, but durable steel construction
  • Various sizes and options available
  • Holds one roll of plastic

Optional Equipment:

Standard row centers are available. Requires boats or press pan not included

Standard Sizes available:

  • Anywhere from 48" - 96"; Row Center laying plastic mulch from 48" to 96" are standard.

Mini Combo Superbedder and Plastic Layer

Mini Combo Superbedder and plastic layerKennco’s Mini-combo utilizes the tools of our standard superbedder on a smaller frame, and also includes a plastic mulch layer on the back to eliminate multiple passes in the field.

Kennco Advantages:

  • Various sizes and options available
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Seat for rider
  • Carries two rolls of plastic, for quick "on-the-go" switching
  • Trailing arms
  • Sweeps pull soil from outside bed areas to maximize soil compaction

Optional Equipment:

Standard Sizes available:

  • 36” to 96” row centers are standard on our mini-combo. Without press pan or accessories.


Combi-SuperbedderOur combi-superbedder is the ultimate combination machine and is unmatched by any other product on the market. You can pull and shape a solid planting bed, apply dry fertilizer, and lay plastic mulch on the bed at the same time.

Kennco Advantages:

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Options for fertilizer delivery
  • Shape your bed, fumigate, fertilize, lay drip tape, and lay plastic mulch all at once.
  • Customizable with options for customer needs

Optional Equipment:

Custom row centers are available. Combination machines are heavier than superbedders and/or mulch layers.

Standard Sizes available:

  • 52" to 96" row centers are standard for the Combi-superbedder-mulch layer with or without 1300 lb (591 kg) hopper, without press pan.


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